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DepartmentsThere Are Many Departments, Staffed By A Wide Variety Of Healthcare Professionals.


We have a team of skilled surgeons able to perform high risk surgeries, and offering cutting edge treatment solutions to our patients.


With an established team of experienced doctors, we are committed to providing patients with effective therapies in the care and management of complex endocrine diseases and diabetes.

Plastic Surgery

We tend to all types of reconstructive surgeries, and post operative wound healing for the treatment of wrinkles and scars.


Our skilled orthopedicians are highly trained, and offer a wide range of procedures, with the best equipment to care for injuries.

Vascular Surgery

Our skilled team of doctors and surgeons takes care of diseases associated with your blood vessels and lymphatic system.


DWC’s expert doctors handle the most critical surgeries of the ears, nose and skull base, backed by the latest technology.


Offering the latest skincare treatments and solutions for surgical, cosmetic and medical, dermatology, DWC surgeons are skilled in treating all forms of skin related diseases.

General Medicine

After the preliminary diagnostic examinations, we offer non surgical procedures to patients or refer them to specialty departments in case of further treatment.


Post treatment rehabilitation helps in restoring patient’s capabilities that were lost due to injury, disease or illness. These include physiotherapy, psychotherapy and stress management.