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The Wellness Companion:The key to faster wound healing lies to approaching the problem in a 360 degree manner. Along with focus on dressings and medication, you also need to take care of these few aspects for holistic healing.

Exercise:Perhaps one of the most important things, to maintain good health is exercise. The benefits of regular exercise are countless. Blood circulation and oxygen supply helps in healing wounds faster.

Meditation:Researchers say that a good 5-6 minutes of meditation can reduce stress levels in your body, and put you in a much relaxed state, which facilitates faster healing.

Nutrition:For effective wound healing, it is necessary to get the right nutrition. A balanced diet which focuses on intake of vital minerals and nutrients, will keep your health in check and also help you cope up with the side effects of medication.

Sleep:The importance of proper sleep cannot be stressed enough when it comes to healing. For wounded patients, it is important to get 7+ hours of relaxed undisturbed sleep to speed up the healing process.

Stress Management: Patients generally develop a lot of stress and anxiety as a result of their wounds. We at DWC, help them to understand their condition and reduce their stress by suggestive counteractive methods such as Yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.